Foam Rolls - 4mm x 1.5m x 100m

Sancell foam rolls are an all-purpose packing foam and are perfect for protecting surfaces or products during transport.

Sancell foam is manufactured using LDPE and butane in an extrusion process. As a part of this process the foam will expand and then contract while curing. Sancell manufactures foam to the minimum thickness and width requirements as outlined above, however on occasion foam may be slightly wider and/or thicker than specified.

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Since beginning operations in Australia in 1988, Sancell has become a leading manufacturer of bubble and foam wraps, gel packs, protective bags and padded mailers for the industrial packaging market.

They are poised for customisation with a suite of in-house conversion machinery. This allows them to engineer protective packaging products geared specifically to their end use. Sancell also work closely with quality film, resin and foil suppliers allowing them to offer custom printing, specialised films, high performance foils and other substrates to create niche products exactly to specification.

Foam Rolls - 4mm x 1.5m x 100m

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