High Impact Builders Film

High Impact Builders Film

High impact builders film is manufactured to be a higher grade product than the medium impact builders film however both products are generally used for the same applications. High impact builders film is required by law for all concrete slabs being laid in both NSW and in SA. It is worth noting that neither our medium impact builders film or our high impact builders film have any UV stabiliser added during manufacturing, meaning both will deteriorate in direct sunlight over time.

High impact builders film is available in black and also in orange, orange is mainly used in SA and is also used in NSW.

If you have any questions regarding which builders film you should use please contact us for more information. 

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High Impact Black Builders Film 4m x 50m x 200um

High impact builders film is manufactured using a mixture of virgin resins and high quality recycled resins. The result is a strong, durable and tear-resistant film specifically manufactured to provide a vapour barrier between your concrete slab and the soil below.This barrier prevents moisture from working its way through your slab and into your foundations and walls. High impact builders film is required for all concrete slabs in both NSW and in SA, many asbestos removalists prefer the higher grade film also. Builders film must be installed in accordance with Australian Standard 2870/1996, please also see the ‘Installation Instructions’ tab.Due to the mixture used to manufacture Builders film it is much more environmentally friendly than many other films available as all wastage is fully recyclable. We carry a large range of Builders film sizes and gauges to cover all your needs.For information regarding delivery options for Builders Film please click here ..



Diplomat 8m Tape Measure - Metric -10%

Diplomat 8m Tape Measure - Metric

5 metre tape measurefull rubber grip25mm wide nylon coated yellow metal tapemetric (cm)..

$17.20 $15.48

Diplomat Ultra Safety Knife -10%

Diplomat Ultra Safety Knife

Dual-action safety knifeBlade safely retracts even when the finger is left on the blade sliderHeavy duty metal construction with comfortable rubber gripEasy to change blade, no tools requiredSuitable for left and right handed usersComes with 10 rounded safety blades..

$18.52 $16.67

Diplomat Heavy Duty Film Slitter -10%

Diplomat Heavy Duty Film Slitter

Easy to use plastic ergonomic film slitter with recessed blade for safetyPerfect for cutting shrink-wrapped poly film, bubble wrap, box strapping, plastic and paperGreat promotional item..

$3.76 $3.38

Carpet Protection Film (self-adhesive) 1M x 100M -19%

Carpet Protection Film (self-adhesive) 1M x 100M

No more drop sheets required, this self adhesive sticky back plastic film protects your carpet from dirt, dust, paint & spills during renovating, DIY’s & construction work.Easily applied and removed, our sticky transparent carpet film adheres well to carpets and rugs eliminating the spillage and leakage problem when using drop sheets.Protect your carpets from times of heavy foot traffic when building or renovating/decoratingCover over carpeted stairs in unit blocks to save hours of cleaning and arguments with displeased neighboursThis product is "super sticky" with a very high adhesive coating needed for carpet adhesion, therefore this product is recommended for use on carpets and rugs only!Carpet Film has a unique adhesive system for rough surfaces making it suitable for:Protecting carpet broadloomProtecting carpet tilesProtecting carpet rugsProtecting carpeted stairsCarpet Film may be applied for up to 3-4 months (guide only)...

$124.00 $100.00

Ronin Black Nitrile Gloves (EN388) - 4131 -9%

Ronin Black Nitrile Gloves (EN388) - 4131

Stealth Ronin Ninja Style Nitrile GlovesSeamless 15 Gauge Black Nylon ShellBlack Nitrile foam coat provides excellent grip - Soft, Durable & FlexibleThe ideal general purpose work gloveMinimum Order Qty - 1 pairPack Qty - 12 pairsCarton Qty - 120 pairs..

$2.20 $2.00

ProChoice 9900 Series Safety Glasses

Medium impact, anti-scratch lens Stylish, wrap around design which promotes wear in any work environment Lightweight and durable polycarbonate frame 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear Ultra lightweight to increase comfort for extended wearSold IndividuallyQty/Box - 12 Qty/Carton - 144 ..