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Scott Safety Sari Face Mask Out Of Stock

Scott Safety Sari Face Mask

The SARI full face mask is renowned for its high standards of safety, reliability and comfort. Sari is approved for use with Pro2000 filters, with Autoflow and Proflow PAPR powered units and with constant flow compressed airline.Key Features are:Made from natural rubber.Supplied with a Polycarbonate visorWide sealing edge for comfort and excellent fit Comfortable to wear even for long periods Adjustable five-point rubber head harness Large distortion-free visor Speech diaphragm affords clear communication Standards..

$335.50 Ex Tax: $305.00

Scott Safety Sari Full Mask Visors

A solvent resistant Triplex Glass Visor to fit the Scott SARI full face mask..

$64.90 Ex Tax: $59.00

Scott Safety Sari Valve Set

SARI Flow Control Valve with Belt Regulator..

$38.50 Ex Tax: $35.00

Scott Safety Pre-Filter Kit Pro2000

Pro2000 Holder for Pre-Filter Holder for use with Pro2000 filters. 2 Holders & 6 Pads per pack..

$19.80 Ex Tax: $18.00

Scott Safety P3 Filter Pro2000 Out Of Stock

Scott Safety P3 Filter Pro2000

The Pro2000 A2 gas and vapour filter to fit the SARI full face mask. Designed to protect against gases and vapours from organic compounds (e.g. solvents) with a boiling point above 65 °C. These Pro2000 combination filters have exceptionally low breathing resistance to provide comfortable and long duration use...

$23.27 Ex Tax: $21.15